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[ee-stern] /ˈi stərn/

lying toward or situated in the east:
the eastern half of the island.
directed or proceeding toward the east:
an eastern route.
coming from the east:
an eastern wind.
(often initial capital letter) of or relating to the East in the U.S.:
an eastern congressman.
(initial capital letter) of or relating to the Eastern Church or to any of the churches comprising it.
(usually initial capital letter) .
(usually initial capital letter) (formerly) of or relating to the Soviet Union and its allies.
situated in or towards the east
facing or moving towards the east

Old English easterne “of the east, from the east; oriental; of the Eastern Orthodox Church; of the eastern part of the globe,” from east + -erne, suffix denoting direction. Cf. Old Saxon ostroni, Old High German ostroni, Old Norse austroenn. Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia so called from 1620s.


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