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Easy digging

noun phrase

Anything easily done; piece of cake

[1950s+; perhaps fr earlier sense, ”sugar”]


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  • Easy eight

    noun phrase An easy job; sinecure: Smith doesn’t relish the work; he tells himself the job’s an easy eight, but wastes his nights drinking away the haunting images of the day (1990s+)

  • Easy does it

    Go carefully, don’t hurry, as in That chest is heavy, so easy does it. [ 1920s ] Also see: go easy

  • Easy fox

    An early system on the JOHNNIAC computer. [Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959)].

  • Easter-egg-chicken

    noun 1. . [ar-uh-kah-nuh] /ˌær əˈkɑ nə/ noun 1. any of numerous varieties of domestic chickens derived from South American wild fowl, noted for producing pale blue, green, or pinkish eggs. 2. a breed of Araucana, developed in the U.S., having ear tufts and no tail.

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