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money obtained with a minimum of effort.
money obtained by deception, fraud, artifice, etc.
money made with little effort, sometimes dishonestly
(commerce) money that can be borrowed at a low interest rate

noun phrase

Money easily gotten or earned: easy money for helping in the garden
Money obtained readily, with little effort and, often, illegally. For example, Winning the lottery—that’s easy money! or I was wary of making easy money with the insider tips I’d been given. [ c. 1900 ]
Also see: fast buck


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  • Easy-money policy

    A policy by which a central monetary authority, such as the Federal Reserve System, seeks to make money plentiful and available at low interest rates. (Compare tight-money policy.) Note: An easy-money policy is often pursued to encourage investment and economic growth. It can lead to inflation, however.

  • Easy on the eye

    modifier Good-looking, pleasant to look at: cheerleaders easy on the eyes (1938+)

  • Easy on the eyes

    Also, easy to look at. Attractive, beautiful, as in That model is definitely easy on the eyes. [ ; c. 1900 ]

  • Easy sledding

    Effortless progress, as in It’s easy sledding from here on . This expression alludes to coasting smoothly down a hill and was first recorded as smooth sledding in 1898. Also see the antonym tough sledding

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