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Eat someone out

verb phrase

see: eat out , def. 2.


Read Also:

  • Eat someone up

    see: eat out , def. 2.

  • Eat the carpet

    verb phrase To be obsequious; truckle: ”Eat the carpet” is what endangered nominees do at confirmation hearings to make amends: They crawl (1990s+)

  • Eau

    abbreviation 1. Uganda (international car registration) n. French for “water,” from Old French eue (12c.), from Latin aqua (see aqua-). In various combinations such as eau de vie “brandy” (1748), literally “water of life;” eau de toilette (1907). For eau de Cologne see cologne. Uganda (international vehicle ID)

  • Eau-claire

    [oh klair] /ˌoʊ ˈklɛər/ noun 1. a city in W Wisconsin.

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