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[oh duh zha-vel, -zhuh-; French ohduh zha-vel] /ˌoʊ də ʒæˈvɛl, -ʒə-; French oʊdə ʒaˈvɛl/

/əʊ də ʒæˈvɛl; ʒə-; French od ʒavɛl/
another name for Javel water


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  • Eau de nil

    /əʊ də niːl/ noun, adjective 1.

  • Eau de parfum

    noun a perfume of fragrant essential oils and aromatic compounds, with 8-30% aromatic essence, typically less than 15% Examples Eau de parfum is less concentrated than parfum, but more concentrated than any other form of fragrance, with a stronger, longer-lasting scent.

  • Eau-de-toilette

    [oh duh twah-let; French ohduh twa-let] /ˌoʊ də twɑˈlɛt; French oʊdə twaˈlɛt/ noun 1. .

  • Eau-de-vie

    [ohduh vee; English oh duh vee] /oʊdə ˈvi; English ˌoʊ də ˈvi/ noun, French. 1. brandy, especially a coarser and less purified variety. /əʊ də viː; French od vi/ noun 1. brandy or other spirits

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