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external blood loss


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    [eb-luh, ee-bluh] /ˈɛb lə, ˈi blə/ noun 1. an ancient city whose remains are located near Aleppo in present-day Syria, the site of the discovery in 1974–75 of cuneiform tablets (Ebla Tablets) documenting a thriving culture of the third millennium b.c.

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    [eb-luh-ahyt, ee-bluh-] /ˈɛb ləˌaɪt, ˈi blə-/ noun 1. the Semitic language of the people of Ebla, believed to be closely related to Ugaritic, Phoenician, and Hebrew, but written in cuneiform characters borrowed from Sumerian: decoded from the Ebla Tablets. Compare . 2. a member of these people. adjective 3. Also, Eblan [eb-luh n, ee-bluh n] […]

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    /ˈɛblɪs/ noun 1. the chief evil jinni in Islamic mythology prince of the fallen angels in Arabic mythology and religion, from Arabic Iblis. Klein thinks this may be Greek diablos, passed through Syriac where the first syllable was mistaken for the Syriac genitive particle di and dropped.

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    evidence-based medicine

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