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Extended Backus-Naur Form.
Extended Backus-Naur Form


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    noun 1. (in World War II) a fast German boat carrying guns and torpedoes

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    [ee-boh-luh, ih-boh-] /iˈboʊ lə, ɪˈboʊ-/ noun 1. Also called Ebola fever, Ebola hemorrhagic fever, Ebola virus disease. a usually fatal disease, a type of hemorrhagic fever, caused by the Ebola virus and marked by high fever, severe gastrointestinal distress, and bleeding. 2. . n. virus, 1976, named for Ebola River valley in Congo, where it […]

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    noun 1. a highly contagious virus of the family Filoviridae that causes , a usually fatal disease. Ebola virus Eb·o·la virus (ěb’ə-lə) n. An RNA virus that causes acute, highly fatal hemorrhagic fever that spreads through contact with bodily fluids or secretions of infected persons. Ebola virus (ĭ-bō’lə) A virus of African origin, belonging to […]

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    [eb-uh n] /ˈɛb ən/ adjective 1. (def 6). /ˈɛbən/ noun, adjective 1. a poetic word for ebony “ebony wood, ebony tree,” mid-15c.; see ebony. Figurative sense of “dark, black” is from 1590s; in some cases a poetic shortening of ebony.

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