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[ek-suh n-tris-i-tee, ek-sen-] /ˌɛk sənˈtrɪs ɪ ti, ˌɛk sɛn-/

noun, plural eccentricities.
an oddity or peculiarity, as of conduct:
an interesting man, known for his eccentricities.
the quality of being .
the amount by which something is .
Machinery. the distance between the centers of two cylindrical objects one of which surrounds the other, as between an and the shaft on which it is mounted.
Mathematics. a constant expressed as the ratio of the distance from a point on a conic to a focus and the distance from the point to the directrix.
noun (pl) -ties
unconventional or irregular behaviour
deviation from a circular path or orbit
a measure of the noncircularity of an elliptical orbit, the distance between the foci divided by the length of the major axis
(geometry) a number that expresses the shape of a conic section: the ratio of the distance of a point on the curve from a fixed point (the focus) to the distance of the point from a fixed line (the directrix)
the degree of displacement of the geometric centre of a rotating part from the true centre, esp of the axis of rotation of a wheel or shaft

1540s, of planetary orbits; 1650s, of persons (an instance of eccentricity); 1794, of persons (a quality of eccentricity); from eccentric (adj.) + -ity. Related: Eccentricities.


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