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1. European Computer Manufacturers Association, now ECMA International.
2. A subset of ALGOL. [Sammet 1969, p.180].
European Computer Manufacturers Association


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  • Ecma international

    body (Formerly European Computer Manufacturers Association) An industry association founded in 1961 and dedicated to the standardisation of information and communication systems. ECMA edits standards and technical reports. All ECMA publications are available free of charge. The best known ECMA standard is ECMA 262, defining the scripting language ECMAScript. (2003-06-23)

  • Ecmnesia

    ecmnesia ec·mne·sia (ěk-nē’zhə, -zēə) n. Loss of memory for recent events.

  • Ecmascript

    language (ECMA standard 262, ISO standard 16262) The standardised version of the core JavaScript language. (2005-07-28)

  • Ecmo

    abbreviation 1. extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: a method of life support used to oxygenate the blood in newborn babies with lung failure, using a machine incorporating membranes that are impermeable to blood but permeable to oxygen and carbon dioxide

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