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[ek-uh-fal-oh, ee-kuh-] /ˈɛk əˌfæl oʊ, ˈi kə-/

a method of farming that diminishes weeds and conserves water by rotating crops and reducing or eliminating tillage.


Read Also:

  • Ecofeminism

    noun a philosophical and political movement that applies feminist ideas to ecological concerns

  • Ecofin

    /ˈɛkəʊˌfɪn/ noun 1. the council of European finance ministers

  • Ecofreak

    [ek-oh-freek, ee-koh-] /ˈɛk oʊˌfrik, ˈi koʊ-/ noun, Slang: Often Disparaging. 1. a zealous or overly zealous environmentalist or preservationist. noun a person who is zealous about environmental protection and preservation noun An environmentalist and conservationist; Duck Squeezer, eagle freak: Ecofreaks will love the clean-burning engine (1972+)

  • Ecofriendly

    /ˈiːkəʊˌfrɛndlɪ/ adjective 1. having a beneficial effect on the environment or at least not causing environmental damage adj. also eco-friendly, by 1993, from eco- + friendly.

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