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See ecolabel


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  • Ecole

    [ey-kawl] /eɪˈkɔl/ noun, plural écoles [ey-kawl] /eɪˈkɔl/ (Show IPA). French. 1. 1 .

  • Ecole normale superieure

    body (ENS) A higher education and research institution in Paris, France.

  • E-coli

    [ee koh-lahy] /ˈi ˈkoʊ laɪ/ noun 1. . /ˌiːˈkəʊlaɪ/ noun 1. short for Escherichia coli; see Escherichia n. “bacteria inhabiting the gut of man and animals,” short for Escherichia coli, named for German physician Theodor Escherich (1857-1911) + Latin genitive of colon “colon” (see colon (n.2)). E. coli (ē kō’lī) n. A bacillus Escherichia coli; […]

  • Ecolodge

    /ˈiːkəʊˌlɒdʒ/ noun 1. a tourist accommodation facility designed to have minimal impact on the environment, often constructed as part of an environmental project

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