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[ek-top-ik] /ɛkˈtɒp ɪk/

adjective, Pathology.
occurring in an abnormal position or place; displaced.

1873, from ectopia (1847), coined in Modern Latin from Greek ektopos “away from a place,” from ek- “out” (see ex-) + topos “place” (see topos).

ectopic ec·top·ic (ěk-tŏp’ĭk)



Read Also:

  • Ectopic beat

    ectopic beat n. A beat of the heart originating somewhere other than the sinoatrial node.

  • Ectopic-pregnancy

    noun, Medicine/Medical. 1. the development of a fertilized ovum outside the uterus, as in a Fallopian tube. noun 1. (pathol) the abnormal development of a fertilized egg outside the cavity of the uterus, usually within a Fallopian tube ectopic pregnancy n. Implantation and subsequent development of a fertilized ovum outside the cavity of the uterus. […]

  • Ectopic schistosomiasis

    ectopic schistosomiasis n. A clinical form of schistosomiasis that, rather than occurring at the usual site of parasitism, as in the mesenteric vein or hepatic portals, occurs at various unusual sites, such as the skin, brain, or spinal cord.

  • Ectopic testis

    ectopic testis n. A condition in which the testis has descended but occupies an abnormal position. Also called ectopia testis, parorchidium.

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