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See under (def 4).
[ek-yoo-men-i-kuh l or, esp. British, ee-kyoo-] /ˈɛk yʊˈmɛn ɪ kəl or, esp. British, ˈi kyʊ-/
general; universal.
pertaining to the whole Christian church.
promoting or fostering Christian unity throughout the world.
of or relating to a movement (ecumenical movement) especially among Protestant groups since the 1800s, aimed at achieving universal Christian unity and church union through international interdenominational organizations that cooperate on matters of mutual concern.
interreligious or interdenominational:
an ecumenical marriage.
including or containing a mixture of diverse elements or styles; mixed:
an ecumenical meal of German, Italian, and Chinese dishes.
/ˌiːkjʊˈmɛnɪkəl; ˌɛk-/
of or relating to the Christian Church throughout the world, esp with regard to its unity

(rare) universal; general; worldwide

late 16c., “representing the entire (Christian) world,” formed in English as an ecclesiastical word, from Late Latin oecumenicus “general, universal,” from Greek oikoumenikos, from he oikoumene ge “the inhabited world (as known to the ancient Greeks); the Greeks and their neighbors considered as developed human society,” from oikoumenos, present passive participle of oikein “inhabit,” from oikos “house, habitation” (see villa).


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  • Ecumenical-patriarch

    noun 1. the patriarch of Constantinople, regarded as the highest dignitary of the Greek Orthodox Church.

  • Ecumenicism

    [ek-yoo-men-uh-siz-uh m or, esp. British, ee-kyoo-] /ˌɛk yʊˈmɛn əˌsɪz əm or, esp. British, ˌi kyʊ-/ noun 1. ecumenicalism; ecumenism.

  • Ecumenicist

    [ek-yoo-men-uh-sist or, esp. British, ee-kyoo-] /ˌɛk yʊˈmɛn ə sɪst or, esp. British, ˌi kyʊ-/ noun 1. a person who advocates Christian ecumenicity.

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    [ek-yoo-muh-nis-i-tee, -me- or, esp. British, ee-kyoo-] /ˌɛk yʊ məˈnɪs ɪ ti, -mɛ- or, esp. British, ˈi kyʊ-/ noun 1. (in the Christian church) the state of being ecumenically united, especially in furthering the aims of the ecumenical movement.

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