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[ih-daf-ik] /ɪˈdæf ɪk/

related to or caused by particular soil conditions, as of texture or drainage, rather than by physiographic or climatic factors.
of or relating to the physical and chemical conditions of the soil, esp in relation to the plant and animal life it supports Compare biotic (sense 2)


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  • Edaphic-climax

    noun, Ecology. 1. a localized climax community that may differ from the surrounding climax vegetation by reason of slightly differing soil type, exposure to sun and wind, drainage, etc.

  • Edaphon

    [ed-uh-fon] /ˈɛd əˌfɒn/ noun 1. the aggregate of organisms that live in the soil.

  • Edar

    tower of the flock, a tower between Bethlehem and Hebron, near which Jacob first halted after leaving Bethlehem (Gen. 35:21). In Micah 4:8 the word is rendered “tower of the flock” (marg., “Edar”), and is used as a designation of Bethlehem, which figuratively represents the royal line of David as sprung from Bethlehem.

  • EDB

    Chemistry. 1. ethylene dibromide: a colorless liquid, C 2 H 4 Br 2 , used as an organic solvent, an additive in gasoline to prevent lead buildup, and a pesticide and soil fumigant, especially by citrus and grain farmers. 1. Bachelor of Education. ethylene dibromide Latin Educationis Baccalaureus (Bachelor of Education)

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