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[ed-i-ter] /ˈɛd ɪ tər/

a person having managerial and sometimes policy-making responsibility related to the writing, compilation, and revision of content for a publishing firm or for a newspaper, magazine, or other publication:
She was offered a managing editor position at a small press.
the supervisor or manager of a department of a newspaper, magazine, etc.:
the sports editor of a newspaper.
a person who , or selects and revises, material for publications, films, etc.: a video editor;
the editor of an online journal.
a device for viewing, cutting, and film or magnetic tape to make movies, audio recordings, etc.
Computers. a program used for writing and revising code, data, or text:
an XML editor.
a person who edits written material for publication
a person in overall charge of the editing and often the policy of a newspaper or periodical
a person in charge of one section of a newspaper or periodical: the sports editor

(television, radio) a person in overall control of a programme that consists of various items, such as a news or magazine style programme
a computer program that facilitates the deletion or insertion of data within information already stored in a computer

1640s, “publisher,” from Latin editor “one who puts forth,” agent noun from editus, past participle of edere (see edition). By 1712 in sense of “person who prepares written matter for publication;” specific sense in newspapers is from 1803.
A program used to edit a document.
Different types of document have different editors, e.g. a text editor for text files, an image editor for images, an HTML editor for web pages, etc. The term can be used for pretty much any kind of data modification, e.g. a disk sector editor which operates directly on the hard disk, bypassing the filesystem.


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