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[ed-oh] /ˈɛd oʊ/

noun, plural Edos (especially collectively) Edo for 1.
a member of an indigenous people of western Africa, in the Benin region of southern Nigeria.
the Kwa language of the Edo people.
[ed-oh; Japanese e-daw] /ˈɛd oʊ; Japanese ˈɛˈdɔ/
a former name of .
(pl) Edo, Edos. a member of a Negroid people of SW Nigeria around Benin, noted for their 16th-century bronze sculptures
Also called Bini. the language of this people, belonging to the Kwa branch of the Niger-Congo family
a state of Nigeria, in the S. Capital: Benin City. Pop: 3 218 332(2006). Area: 17 802 sq km (6873 sq miles)
extended duration orbiter


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