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a branch of psychology concerned with developing effective educational techniques and dealing with psychological problems in schools.
the study of methods of training and teaching and their effectiveness, and of the problems experienced in learning formal material; in particular, the study of how to help people, esp school children, with learning problems to overcome their difficulties


Read Also:

  • Educational-sociology

    noun 1. the application of sociological principles and methods to the solution of problems in an educational system.

  • Educational-television

    noun 1. television of informational or instructional content.

  • Educational welfare officer

    noun 1. (in Britain) a local education authority worker whose job it is to find out whether difficulties outside school are contributing to a child’s classroom problems or irregular attendance and who may intervene to help the child to benefit more from schooling Former names school attendance officer, truancy officer

  • Education contact

    job The person at a company who should receive educational material. (2004-03-11)

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