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Edward the Confessor

Saint, 1002?–66, English king 1042–66: founder of Westminster Abbey.
Saint. ?1002–66, king of England (1042–66); son of Ethelred II; founder of Westminster Abbey. Feast day: Oct 13


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  • Edward the elder

    noun 1. died 924 ad, king of England (899–924), son of Alfred the Great

  • Edward the martyr

    noun 1. Saint. ?963–978 ad, king of England (975–78), son of Edgar: murdered. Feast day: March 18

  • Edward V

    noun 1. 1470–83, king of England 1483 (son of Edward IV). noun 1. 1470–?83, king of England in 1483; son of Edward IV. He was deposed by his uncle, Richard, Duke of Gloucester (Richard III), and is thought to have been murdered with his brother in the Tower of London

  • Edward VI

    noun 1. 1537–53, king of England 1547–53 (son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour). noun 1. 1537–53, king of England (1547–53), son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. His uncle the Duke of Somerset was regent until 1552, when he was executed. Edward then came under the control of Dudley, Duke of Northumberland

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