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Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall (“The Black Prince”) 1330–76, English military leader (son of Edward III).
Lake, a lake in central Africa, between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo: a source of the Nile. 830 sq. mi. (2150 sq. km).
a male given name: from Old English words meaning “rich, happy” and “guardian.”.
(“Edward Longshanks”) 1239–1307, king of England 1272–1307 (son of Henry III).
1284–1327, king of England 1307–27 (son of Edward I).
1312–77, king of England 1327–77 (son of Edward II).
1442–83, king of England 1461–70, 1471–1483: 1st king of the house of York.
1470–83, king of England 1483 (son of Edward IV).
1537–53, king of England 1547–53 (son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour).
(Albert Edward”the Peacemaker”) 1841–1910, king of Great Britain and Ireland 1901–10 (son of Queen Victoria).
(Duke of Windsor) 1894–1972, king of Great Britain 1936: abdicated (son of George V; brother of George VI).
Edward (St. John) 1925–2000, U.S. writer and illustrator.
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Lake Edward, a lake in central Africa, between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaïre) in the Great Rift Valley: empties through the Semliki River into Lake Albert. Area: about 2150 sq km (830 sq miles) Former official name Lake Amin
known as the Black Prince. 1330–76, Prince of Wales, the son of Edward III of England. He won victories over the French at Crécy (1346) and Poitiers (1356) in the Hundred Years’ War
Prince. born 1964, Earl of Wessex, third son of Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In 1999 he married Sophie Rhys-Jones (born 1965); their daughter Louise was born in 2003 and their son James in 2007
1239–1307, king of England (1272–1307); son of Henry III. He conquered Wales (1284) but failed to subdue Scotland
1284–1327, king of England (1307–27); son of Edward I. He invaded Scotland but was defeated by Robert Bruce at Bannockburn (1314). He was deposed by his wife Isabella and Roger Mortimer; died in prison
1312–77, king of England (1327–77); son of Edward II. His claim to the French throne in right of his mother Isabella provoked the Hundred Years’ War (1337)
1442–83, king of England (1461–70; 1471–83); son of Richard, duke of York. He defeated Henry VI in the Wars of the Roses and became king (1461). In 1470 Henry was restored to the throne, but Edward recovered the crown by his victory at Tewkesbury
1470–?83, king of England in 1483; son of Edward IV. He was deposed by his uncle, Richard, Duke of Gloucester (Richard III), and is thought to have been murdered with his brother in the Tower of London
1537–53, king of England (1547–53), son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. His uncle the Duke of Somerset was regent until 1552, when he was executed. Edward then came under the control of Dudley, Duke of Northumberland
1841–1910, king of Great Britain and Ireland (1901–10); son of Queen Victoria
1894–1972, king of Great Britain and Ireland in 1936; son of George V and brother of George VI. He abdicated in order to marry an American divorcée, Mrs Wallis Simpson (1896–1986); created Duke of Windsor (1937)
Edward St John. 1925–2000, US illustrator and author, noted for his bizarre humour in such works as The Unstrung Harp (1953) and The Wuggly Ump (1963)


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