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[ed-wee-nuh, -win-uh] /ɛdˈwi nə, -ˈwɪn ə/

a female given name: derived from Edwin.


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  • Edwin hubble

    [huhb-uh l] /ˈhʌb əl/ noun 1. Edwin Powell, 1889–1953, U.S. astronomer: pioneer in extragalactic research. /ˈhʌbəl/ noun 1. Edwin Powell. 1889–1953, US astronomer, noted for his investigations of nebulae and the recession of the galaxies n. space telescope placed in orbit 1990, named for U.S. astronomer Edwin P. Hubble (1889-1953). Hubble (hŭb’əl) American astronomer who […]

  • Edwin land

    [land] /lænd/ noun 1. Edwin Herbert, 1909–91, U.S. inventor and businessman: created the Polaroid camera. /lænd/ noun 1. the solid part of the surface of the earth as distinct from seas, lakes, etc related adjective terrestrial 2. 3. rural or agricultural areas as contrasted with urban ones 4. farming as an occupation or way of […]

  • Ed wynn

    [win] /wɪn/ noun 1. Ed (Isaiah Edwin Leopold) 1886–1966, U.S. comedian.

  • Edyth

    [ee-dith] /ˈi dɪθ/ noun 1. a female given name.

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