A person who seeks advancement through flattery; brown-nose (1950s+)

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  • Egg tempera

    noun a watercolor medium consisting of pigments ground with pure egg yolk Examples Prominent egg tempera artists include nearly every painter of the Italian Renaissance before 1500 AD. Word Origin by 1899

  • Egg-timer

    noun 1. a small hourglass or clock device running about three to five minutes, used to time the boiling of an egg. noun 1. a device, typically a miniature hourglass, for timing the boiling of an egg

  • Egg-tooth

    noun 1. a calcareous prominence at the tip of the beak or upper jaw of an embryonic bird or reptile, used to break through the eggshell at hatching. noun 1. (in embryo birds and reptiles) a temporary tooth or (in birds) projection of the beak used for piercing the eggshell egg tooth A hard, toothlike […]

  • Egg wash

    noun a mix of egg yolk with water or milk and brushed over bread or pie before baking to enrich the color and gloss Examples Some recipes will have you brush with egg wash the surface of a pastry shell being baked “blind,” in order to seal the surface against moisture from the anticipated filling. […]

  • Egg-white

    noun 1. the white of an egg, especially a hen’s egg, used in cooking; albumen. noun 1. the white of an egg; albumen egg white n. The albumen of an egg, used especially in cooking.

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