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the habit of valuing everything only in reference to one’s personal interest; selfishness (opposed to ).
or conceit.
Ethics. the view that morality ultimately rests on self-interest.
Historical Examples

Yet, for all his humility, he was possessed by a spirit of egoism that repelled me.
Zuleika Dobson Max Beerbohm

Ennui, having its roots in an egoism she did not possess, was unknown to her.
Virginia Ellen Glasgow

He had no foregone conclusions, no arbitrary predeterminations, no obstinacy, and no egoism.
The God-Idea of the Ancients Eliza Burt Gamble

In the seventeenth century men still had the courage of their egoism.
Rosinante to the Road Again John Dos Passos

But I had whined from the moment I met you, because I was sickly with egoism and loneliness and self-pity.
The Gentleman From Indiana Booth Tarkington

egoism is the arch-enemy of love, selfishness is the manifestation of egoism.
Sex=The Unknown Quantity Ali Nomad

What conceivable cunning could do such execution as her stupendous appeal to masculine vanity, sentimentality, egoism?
Damn! Henry Louis Mencken

Michael smiled at this egoism that could not help being charming.
Michael E. F. Benson

I would not commit an egoism,’ she said; but if the sense of admiration do you good, I wish it had a worthier cause.’
The Young Step-Mother Charlotte M. Yonge

With the failure of his pilgrimage he had lost all hope, all ‘egoism.’
Tatterdemalion John Galsworthy

concern for one’s own interests and welfare
(ethics) the theory that the pursuit of one’s own welfare is the highest good Compare altruism
self-centredness; egotism

1785, in metaphysics (see egoist), from French égoisme (1755), from Modern Latin egoismus, from Latin ego (see ego). Meaning “self-interest” is from 1800.


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