Adolf, 1906–62, German Nazi official: executed for war crimes.
Contemporary Examples

A brilliant new film presents Hannah Arendt in the midst of the Eichmann trial and the controversy around her reporting.
The Importance of Being Hannah Arendt Daphne Merkin June 3, 2013

As with the Eichmann trial, the legal details of the Mohammed trial will be challenging.
New York Needs a Terror Trial Karen Greenberg February 11, 2010

The choice of location for the Eichmann trial was fraught with political repercussions.
New York Needs a Terror Trial Karen Greenberg February 11, 2010

She refused to see Eichmann as pure evil and refused to see Jews as pure victims.
‘Hannah Arendt’ Holds Up A Mirror To Today’s Hysterical Israel Discourse Sigal Samuel June 10, 2013

The Eichmann operation was so costly that Harel wanted to make it worthwhile by picking up Mengele at the same time.
The Man Who Let Mengele Get Away Gerald Posner July 24, 2009

She wants to puncture all of the caricatures that blunt the harsh reality of Eichmann.
Nothing Was Banal About Eichmann’s Evil, Says a Scathing New Biography Michael Signer October 10, 2014

The Eichmann trial was as an opportunity to retell the story of the Holocaust to Israelis—and to the world.
New York Needs a Terror Trial Karen Greenberg February 11, 2010

And the truth is that the Eichmann trial was by and large a trial conducted by ignoramuses.
Claude Lanzmann on ‘Shoah’, His Memoir, and the Banality of Evil Clémence Boulouque June 10, 2012

At the Eichmann trial, concentration camp survivors supplied heartrending testimony.
New York Needs a Terror Trial Karen Greenberg February 11, 2010

To be sure, the Eichmann trial should not be the model for the Mohammed trial.
New York Needs a Terror Trial Karen Greenberg February 11, 2010

Karl Adolf (ˈaːdɔlf). 1902–62, Austrian Nazi official, who took a leading role in organizing the extermination of the European Jews. He escaped to Argentina after World War II, but was captured and executed in Israel as a war criminal

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