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[ahy-der-doun] /ˈaɪ dərˌdaʊn/

, or soft feathers, from the breast of the female .
a heavy quilt or comforter, especially one filled with eiderdown.
a warm, lightweight knitted or woven fabric of wool, cotton, or man-made fibers, napped on one or both sides, used for sleepwear, infants’ clothing, etc.
the breast down of the female eider duck, with which it lines the nest, used for stuffing pillows, quilts, etc
a thick warm cover for a bed, made of two layers of material enclosing a soft filling
(US) a warm cotton fabric having a woollen nap

1774; see eider + down (n.). Ultimately from Icelandic æðardun, via a Scandinavian source (cf. Danish ederdunn) or German Eiderdon.


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