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noun, Physics.
the greatest stress that can be applied to an elastic body without causing permanent deformation.
the greatest stress that can be applied to a material without causing permanent deformation
elastic limit
The stress point at which a material, if subjected to higher stress, will no longer return to its original shape. Brittle materials tend to break at or shortly past their elastic limit, while ductile materials deform at stress levels beyond their elastic limit.


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  • Elastic membrane

    elastic membrane n. A membrane formed of elastic connective tissue fibers, such as that surrounding the arteries.

  • Elastic-modulus

    noun, Physics. 1. . noun 1. another name for modulus of elasticity

  • Elastic rebound

    noun 1. (geology) a theory of earthquakes that envisages gradual deformation of the fault zone without fault slippage until friction is overcome, when the fault suddenly slips to produce the earthquake

  • Elastic-scattering

    noun, Physics. 1. the scattering of particles due to an elastic collision.

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