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noun, Anatomy.
connective tissue consisting chiefly of yellow, elastic fibers and composing certain ligaments and the walls of the arteries.

elastic tissue n.
Connective tissue in which elastic fibers predominate.


Read Also:

  • Elastic-wave

    noun, Physics. 1. a wave propagated by the elastic deformation of a medium.

  • Elastin

    [ih-las-tin] /ɪˈlæs tɪn/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. a protein constituting the basic substance of . /ɪˈlæstɪn/ noun 1. (biochem) a fibrous scleroprotein constituting the major part of elastic tissue, such as the walls of arteries noun See silverskin elastin e·las·tin (ĭ-lās’tĭn) n. An elastic, fibrous mucoprotein, similar to collagen, and the major connective tissue protein of […]

  • Elastofibroma

    elastofibroma e·las·to·fi·bro·ma (ĭ-lās’tō-fī-brō’mə) n. A nonencapsulated slow-growing mass of poorly cellular, collagenous, fibrous tissue and elastic tissue, occurring usually in subscapular adipose tissue of old persons.

  • Elastoid degeneration

    elastoid degeneration e·las·toid degeneration (ĭ-lās’toid’) n. See elastosis.

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