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elastosis e·las·to·sis (ĭ-lā-stō’sĭs, ē’lā-)


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  • Elastosis colloidalis conglomerata

    elastosis colloidalis conglomerata elastosis col·loi·da·lis con·glom·er·a·ta (kŏl’oi-dā’lĭs kŏn’glō-bā’tə) n. See colloid acne.

  • Elastosis perforans serpiginosa

    elastosis perforans serpiginosa elastosis per·fo·rans ser·pig·i·no·sa (pûr’fə-rānz’ sər-pĭj’ə-nō’sə) n. A disorder of the connective tissue characterized by ring-shaped groups of asymptomatic keratotic papules; the epidermis is thickened around a central plug of keratin, overlying an accumulation of elastic tissue.

  • Elat

    /eɪˈlɑːt/ noun 1. variant spellings of Eilat

  • Elate

    [ih-leyt] /ɪˈleɪt/ verb (used with object), elated, elating. 1. to make very happy or proud: news to elate the hearer. adjective 2. . /ɪˈleɪt/ verb 1. (transitive) to fill with high spirits, exhilaration, pride or optimism v. 1570s, literal, “to raise, elevate,” probably from Latin elatus “uplifted, exalted,” past participle of effere (see elation), or […]

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