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the bend or joint of the human arm between upper arm and forearm.
the corresponding joint in the forelimb of a quadruped.
something bent like an elbow, as a sharp turn in a road or river, or a piece of pipe bent at an angle.
Architecture, crossette.
Also called ell, el. a plumbing pipe or pipe connection having a right-angled bend.
to push with or as if with the elbow; jostle.
to make (one’s way) by so pushing.
to elbow one’s way:
He elbowed through the crowd.
at one’s elbow, within easy reach; nearby:
A virtue of the cottage is that the ocean is at your elbow.
bend / lift / crook an elbow, Informal. to drink alcoholic beverages.
give the elbow, shove aside, get rid of, or reject.
out at the elbows,

poorly dressed; shabby.

Also, out at elbows.
rub elbows with, to mingle socially with; associate with:
a resort where royalty rubs elbows with the merely rich.
up to one’s elbows, very busy; engrossed:
I am up to my elbows in answering mail.
Also, up to the elbows.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

Aunt Rachel David Christie Murray
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The Corner House Girls at School Grace Brooks Hill
The Secret Agent Joseph Conrad
The Holy Cross and Other Tales Eugene Field

the joint between the upper arm and the forearm, formed by the junction of the radius and ulna with the humerus
the corresponding joint or bone of birds or mammals
the part of a garment that covers the elbow
something resembling an elbow, such as a sharp bend in a road or river
at one’s elbow, within easy reach
out at elbow, out at elbows, ragged or impoverished
up to the elbows with, up to the elbows in, busily occupied with; deeply immersed in
(transitive) to reject; dismiss. Also: give the elbow
to make (one’s way) by shoving, jostling, etc
(transitive) to knock or shove with or as if with the elbow

elbow grease
elbow room


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