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noun, U.S. Politics.
a bipartisan board appointed usually by local authorities and charged with control of elections and voting procedure.


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  • Election-cake

    noun, New England Cookery. 1. a spicy fruitcake baked in loaves: formerly served on town meeting days after the voting.

  • Election-day

    noun 1. (in the U.S.) the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November on which national elections are held for electors of the president and vice president in those years evenly divisible by four. On even years constituents elect members of the House of Representatives for two-year terms and one third of the Senate […]

  • Election-district

    noun 1. (def 3).

  • Electioneer

    [ih-lek-shuh-neer] /ɪˌlɛk ʃəˈnɪər/ verb (used without object) 1. to work for the success of a particular candidate, party, ticket, etc., in an . /ɪˌlɛkʃəˈnɪə/ verb (intransitive) 1. to be active in a political election or campaign noun 2. a person who engages in this activity v. 1760 (implied in electioneering), from election, probably on model […]

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