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(def 9a).
(physics) another name for circuit (sense 3a)


Read Also:

  • Electric constant

    noun 1. the permittivity of free space, which has the value 8.854 187 × 10–12 farad per metre εo Also called absolute permittivity

  • Electric-current

    noun, Electricity. 1. the time rate of flow of electric charge, in the direction that a positive moving charge would take and having magnitude equal to the quantity of charge per unit time: measured in amperes. noun 1. another name for current (sense 8)

  • Electric-dipole-moment

    noun, Electricity. 1. a vector quantity associated with two equal charges of opposite sign separated by a specified distance, having magnitude equal to the product of the charge and the distance between the charges and having direction from the negative to the positive charge along the line between the charges.

  • Electric-discharge lamp

    noun 1. another name for fluorescent lamp

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