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the lines of force that make up an electric field.
the product of the electric displacement and the area across which it is displaced in an electric field Ψ
electric flux
The electric flux density across a given cross-sectional area in an electric field.


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  • Electric flux density

    noun 1. another name for electric displacement electric flux density A measure of the strength of an electric field generated by a free electric charge, corresponding to the number of electric lines of force passing through a given area. It is equal to the electric field strength multiplied by the permittivity of the material through […]

  • Electric-furnace

    noun 1. a furnace in which the heat required is produced through electricity. noun 1. any furnace in which the heat is provided by an electric current

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    noun, Electricity. 1. . noun, Electricity. 1. a discharge, frequently luminous, at the surface of a conductor or between two conductors of the same transmission line, accompanied by ionization of the surrounding atmosphere and often by a power loss. noun 1. an electrical discharge appearing on and around the surface of a charged conductor, caused […]

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