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[ih-lek-tri-kuh l] /ɪˈlɛk trɪ kəl/

concerned with :
an electrical consultant.
of, relating to, or concerned with electricity

“relating to electricity, run by electricity,” 1746, from electric + -al (1). Earlier (1630s) synonymous with electric. Related: Electrically.
electric (ĭ-lěk’trĭk) also electrical
Relating to or operated by electricity. Compare electronic.


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  • Electrical alternation

    electrical alternation e·lec·tri·cal alternation (ĭ-lěk’trĭ-kəl) n. A varied alternation in the activity of the heart indicative of myocardial disease as measured by an electrocardiograph. Also called electrical alternans.

  • Electrical axis

    electrical axis n. The direction of the electromotive force developed in the heart during activation.

  • Electrical-degree

    noun, Electricity. 1. the 360th part of a cycle of alternating current.

  • Electrical-engineer

    noun 1. the branch of engineering that deals with the practical application of the theory of electricity to the construction of machinery, power supplies, etc. noun 1. the branch of engineering concerned with the practical applications of electricity electrical engineering The branch of engineering that specializes in the design, construction, and practical uses of electrical […]

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