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noun, Electronics.
an apparatus that converts an optical image into a corresponding electric current by electronic means without the intervention of mechanical scanning.


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  • Electron capture

    noun (physics) 1. the transformation of an atomic nucleus in which an electron from the atom is spontaneously absorbed into the nucleus. A proton is changed into a neutron, thereby reducing the atomic number by 1. A neutrino is emitted. The process may be detected by the consequent emission of the characteristic X-rays of the […]

  • Electron carrier

    electron carrier Any of various molecules that are capable of accepting one or two electrons from one molecule and donating them to another in the process of electron transport. As the electrons are transferred from one electron carrier to another, their energy level decreases, and energy is released. Cytochromes and quinones (such as coenzyme Q) […]

  • Electron-diffraction

    noun, Physics. 1. the phenomenon whereby electron waves scattered by the regularly spaced atoms of a crystal produce diffraction patterns characteristic of the crystal structure and the wavelength.

  • Electronegative

    [ih-lek-troh-neg-uh-tiv] /ɪˌlɛk troʊˈnɛg ə tɪv/ adjective, Physical Chemistry. 1. containing ; tending to migrate to the positive pole in electrolysis. 2. assuming potential when in contact with a dissimilar substance. 3. . /ɪˌlɛktrəʊˈnɛɡətɪv/ adjective 1. having a negative electric charge 2. (of an atom, group, molecule, etc) tending to gain or attract electrons and form […]

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