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Electronic ink

a material consisting of microscopic cells that can be turned from white to black and vice versa with the application of a small electric charge allowing electronically stored text to appear on a paper-like substance


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  • Electronic-journalism

    noun 1. television news reportage. Abbreviation: EJ.

  • Electronic keyboard

    noun 1. a typewriter keyboard used to operate an electronic device such as a computer, word processor, etc 2. the full name for keyboard (sense 2)

  • Electronic magazine

    messaging, publication, World-Wide Web (e-zine) A regular publication on some particular topic distributed in digital form, chiefly now via the World-Wide Web but also by electronic mail or floppy disk. E-zines are often distributed for free by enthusiasts. (1996-08-04)

  • Electronic-mail

    noun 1. . noun 1. the transmission and distribution of messages, information, facsimiles of documents, etc, from one computer terminal to another Abbreviation e-mail, email, E-mail n. 1977; see e-mail.

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