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[ih-lek-truh-stat-iks] /ɪˌlɛk trəˈstæt ɪks/

noun, (used with a singular verb)
the branch of physics dealing with electric phenomena not associated with electricity in motion.
(functioning as sing) the branch of physics concerned with static charges and the electrostatic field


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  • Electrostatic-unit

    noun, Electricity. 1. a unit, as a statampere, in the system of electric units derived from the force of repulsion between two static charges. Abbreviation: esu, ESU. noun 1. any unit that belongs to a system of electrical cgs units in which the electric constant is given the value of unity and is taken as […]

  • Electrostriction

    [ih-lek-truh-strik-shuh n] /ɪˌlɛk trəˈstrɪk ʃən/ noun, Physics. 1. elastic deformation produced by an electric field, independent of the polarity of the field. /ɪˌlɛktrəʊˈstrɪkʃən/ noun 1. the change in dimensions of a dielectric occurring as an elastic strain when an electric field is applied

  • Electrosurgery

    [ih-lek-troh-sur-juh-ree] /ɪˌlɛk troʊˈsɜr dʒə ri/ noun 1. the use in of an electric instrument, as an acusector, or of an electric current, as in electrocoagulation; surgical diathermy. /ɪˌlɛktrəʊˈsɜːdʒərɪ/ noun 1. the surgical use of electricity, as in cauterization electrosurgery e·lec·tro·sur·ger·y (ĭ-lěk’trō-sûr’jə-rē) n. The surgical use of high-frequency electric current for cutting or destroying tissue, as […]

  • Electrosynthesis

    [ih-lek-troh-sin-thuh-sis] /ɪˌlɛk troʊˈsɪn θə sɪs/ noun, Chemistry. 1. effected by electrolytic oxidation or reduction.

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