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Elevator muscle of prostate

elevator muscle of prostate n.
The most medial muscular fibers of the elevator muscle of the anus in the male.


Read Also:

  • Elevator muscle of scapula

    elevator muscle of scapula n. A muscle with origin from the posterior tubercles of the transverse processes of the four upper cervical vertebrae, with insertion into the superior angle of the scapula, with nerve supply from the dorsal nerve of the scapula, and whose action raises the scapula.

  • Elevator muscle of soft palate

    elevator muscle of soft palate n. A muscle with origin from the temporal bone and the lower part of the auditory tube, with insertion into the soft palate, with nerve supply from the pharyngeal plexus, and whose action raises the soft palate.

  • Elevator muscle of thyroid gland

    elevator muscle of thyroid gland n. A band of muscular fibers occasionally passing from the thyrohyoid muscle to the isthmus of the thyroid gland.

  • Elevator muscle of upper lip

    elevator muscle of upper lip n. A muscle with origin from the maxilla below the infraorbital foramen, with insertion to the orbicular muscle of the upper lip, with nerve supply from the facial nerve, and whose action elevates the upper lip.

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