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Eli whitney

[hwit-nee, wit-] /ˈʰwɪt ni, ˈwɪt-/

Eli, 1765–1825, U.S. manufacturer and inventor.
John Hay, 1904–82, U.S. diplomat and newspaper publisher.
Josiah Dwight, 1819–96, U.S. geologist.
William Dwight, 1827–94, U.S. philologist and lexicographer (brother of Josiah Dwight).
Mount, a mountain in E California, in the Sierra Nevada. 14,495 feet (4418 meters).
a male given name.
Mount Whitney, a mountain in E California: the highest peak in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and in continental US (excluding Alaska). Height: 4418 m (14 495 ft)
Eli. 1765–1825, US inventor of a mechanical cotton gin (1793) and pioneer manufacturer of interchangeable parts
William Dwight. 1827–94, US philologist, noted esp for his Sanskrit Grammar (1879)


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