practice of or belief in rule by an .
consciousness of or pride in belonging to a select or favored group.
Contemporary Examples

That is not to say the students who submit to the elitism and racism promoted by the USC Greek system are wholly sympathetic.
Stepford Sororities: The Pressures of USC’s Greek Life Maya Richard Craven November 16, 2014

In its first season, the show received various criticisms of racism, elitism, and, er, hipsterism.
‘Girls’: Season 2 of HBO’s Lena Dunham Comedy Soars Jace Lacob January 9, 2013

For him, “elitism” effectively means putting intellectual honesty before partisan shilling.
It’s Not You, Mitt, It’s Your Message, ctd. Justin Green September 25, 2012

That perception is false and often reflects not just ignorance but also elitism and racism.
Forget the Kids Who Can’t Get In; What About Those Who Don’t Even Apply? Jonah Edelman December 8, 2014

Were that all, the president might have avoided burnishing his reputation for elitism.
The Wrong Case Conor Friedersdorf July 26, 2009

By refusing to heed the public will, liberals gained a reputation for elitism.
Ted Cruz and Other GOP Congressmen Lose by Acting Like Winners Peter Beinart September 29, 2013

DuBois’ elitism is the foundation of all his thinking and observation.
David’s Book Club: The Souls of Black Folk David Frum May 4, 2013

They are consistent with the same old exclusivity and elitism of the suntanned Sabra soldier.
Will Women MKs Lead The New Israel? Paul Usiskin March 17, 2013

The bottom line is that the ultimate sign of elitism is aristocracy, not meritocracy.
Obama’s $30,000 Getaway John Avlon July 28, 2009

elitism, now, might have adverse political consequences—and a backlash.
In Defense of Tea Parties Tunku Varadarajan January 10, 2010


the belief that society should be governed by a select group of gifted and highly educated individuals
such government

pride in or awareness of being one of an elite group

1951; see elite + -ism.

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