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Elliptical amputation

elliptical amputation el·lip·ti·cal amputation (ĭ-lĭp’tĭ-kəl)
A form of circular amputation in which the sweep of the knife is not exactly vertical to the long axis of the limb.


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  • Elliptical-galaxy

    noun, Astronomy. 1. a type of galaxy having the shape of a spheroid or ellipsoid, rather than a disk. elliptical galaxy (ĭ-lĭp’tĭ-kəl) The most common type of galaxy, ranging in shape from nearly spherical (classified as E0) to greatly elongated (classified as E7). Elliptical galaxies vary greatly in size and include some of the largest […]

  • Elliptically

    [ih-lip-tik-lee] /ɪˈlɪp tɪk li/ adverb 1. in the form of an ellipse. 2. in an manner; by an ellipse. 3. with great economy of words or expression; concisely: to speak elliptically. 4. without sufficient transition or a logical connection between thoughts, ideas, or expressions; ambiguously or cryptically: to jump elliptically from generalities to specifics.

  • Elliptical-polarization

    noun, Physics. 1. polarization of an electromagnetic wave in which the vector representing the instantaneous intensity of the electric field describes an elliptical helix in the direction of propagation.

  • Elliptical-trainer

    noun 1. an exercise machine like a stationary bike without a seat, so that exercising is done in an upright position, and having pedals that the user moves in an elliptical pattern, believed to minimize strain on the knee joints. noun a piece of stationary exercise equipment used to simulate walking or running without causing […]

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