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[el-mahy-ruh] /ɛlˈmaɪ rə/

a city in S central New York.


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  • El-misti

    [el mees-tee] /ɛl ˈmis ti/ noun 1. a volcano in S Peru, in the Andes. 19,200 feet (5880 meters). /ɛl ˈmiːstiː/ noun 1. a volcano in S Peru, in the Andes. Height: 5852 m (19 199 ft)

  • Elm-leaf-beetle

    noun 1. a chrysomelid beetle, Galerucella luteola, of eastern North America, that feeds on the foliage of elm.

  • Elmo

    of St. Elmo’s Fire (for which see saint (n.)); probably from Greek elene “torch,” via an apocryphal saint.

  • Elmont

    [el-mont] /ˈɛl mɒnt/ noun 1. a town on W Long Island, in SE New York.

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