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[ee-loot, ih-loot] /iˈlut, ɪˈlut/

verb (used with object), eluted, eluting. Physical Chemistry.
to remove by dissolving, as absorbed material from an adsorbent.
/iːˈluːt; ɪˈluːt/
(transitive) to wash out (a substance) by the action of a solvent, as in chromatography

“washing, purification,” 1610s, from Latin elutionem (nominative elutio) “a washing out,” noun of action from past participle stem of eluere “to wash out, wash off, clean,” from ex- “out” (see ex-) + luere “to wash” (see lave).

elution e·lu·tion (ĭ-lōō’shən)

The process of extracting a substance that is adsorbed to another by washing it with a solvent. ◇ The substance used as a solvent in elution is called an eluent. ◇ The solution of the solvent and the substance that was adsorbed to another is called the eluate.


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