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[verb ih-mas-kyuh-leyt; adjective ih-mas-kyuh-lit, -leyt] /verb ɪˈmæs kyəˌleɪt; adjective ɪˈmæs kyə lɪt, -ˌleɪt/

verb (used with object), emasculated, emasculating.
to castrate.
to deprive of strength or vigor; weaken.
Synonyms: debilitate, undermine, devitalize, soften.
deprived of or lacking strength or vigor; effeminate.
verb (transitive) (ɪˈmæskjʊˌleɪt)
to remove the testicles of; castrate; geld
to deprive of vigour, effectiveness, etc
(botany) to remove the stamens from (a flower) to prevent self-pollination for the purposes of plant breeding
adjective (ɪˈmæskjʊlɪt; -ˌleɪt)
castrated; gelded
deprived of strength, effectiveness, etc

1620s, agent noun from emasculate.

c.1600, from Latin emasculatus, past participle of emasculare “castrate,” from ex- “out, away” (see ex-) + masculus “male, manly” (see masculine). Originally and usually in a figurative sense. Related: Emasculated; emasculating.

emasculation e·mas·cu·la·tion (ĭ-mās’kyə-lā’shən)
The surgical removal of the testes and penis; castration.


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