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Embedded generation


See distributed generation


Read Also:

  • Embedded journalist

    noun a news reporter who is attached to a military unit involved in an armed conflict; also called embed Word Origin 2003; from Iraq war

  • Embedded lisp interpreter

    language (ELI) A small Common Lisp-like interpreter embedded in the Andrew mail system, written by Bob Glickstein at CMU. (2000-04-05)

  • Embedded microchips

    These microprocessors are located in many products, ranging from refrigerators to cars. They sense the operation of the device and adjust it for optimal performance. In essence, they are minicomputers inside the products themselves.

  • Embedded mode

    programming A term used by COCOMO to describe a project development that is characterised by tight, inflexible constraints and interface requirements. The product must operate within (is embedded in) a strongly coupled complex of hardware, software, regulations and operational procedures. An embedded mode project will require a great deal of innovation. An example would be […]

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