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[em-bree-oh-tok-sik] /ˌɛm bri oʊˈtɒk sɪk/

poisonous to embryos.


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  • Embryotoxicity

    embryotoxicity em·bry·o·tox·ic·i·ty (ěm’brē-ō-tŏk-sĭs’ĭ-tē) n. The state of being toxic to an embryo, resulting in abnormal development or death.

  • Embryo-transfer

    noun 1. the transfer of a developing embryo to or from the uterus of a surrogate mother. embryo transfer n. After artificial insemination, the process by which the fertilized ovum is transferred at the blastocyst stage to the recipient’s uterus. embryo transfer The transfer into a recipient’s uterus of an egg that has been fertilized […]

  • Embryotoxon

    embryotoxon em·bry·o·tox·on (ěm’brē-ō-tŏk’sŏn’, -ən) n. A congenital opacity of the margin of the cornea.

  • Embryotroph

    [em-bree-uh-trof, -trawf] /ˈɛm bri əˌtrɒf, -ˌtrɔf/ noun, Embryology. 1. the nutrient material, composed chiefly of secretions from the uterine glands, degenerating uterine tissue, and substances in the maternal blood, that nourishes a mammalian embryo prior to the formation of the placenta. embryotroph em·bry·o·troph (ěm’brē-ə-trŏf’, trōf’) n. The nutritive material that is supplied the embryo of […]

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