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Latin emerita (retired female)
Latin emeritus (retired male)


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  • Emerald

    [em-er-uh ld, em-ruh ld] /ˈɛm ər əld, ˈɛm rəld/ noun 1. a rare variety of beryl that is colored green by chromium and valued as a gem. 2. . 3. Printing. (in Britain) a 6½-point type of a size between nonpareil and minion. 4. Ornithology. any of numerous small bright green hummingbirds of the genus […]

  • Emerald-cut

    noun, Jewelry. 1. a type of step cut, used especially on emeralds and diamonds, in which the girdle has the form of a square or rectangle with truncated corners. adjective pertaining to a gem cut in a square shape with stepped facets

  • Emerald-green

    noun 1. a clear, deep-green color.

  • Emblazon

    [em-bley-zuh n] /ɛmˈbleɪ zən/ verb (used with object) 1. to depict, as on an escutcheon in heraldry. 2. to decorate with brilliant colors. 3. to proclaim; celebrate or extol. /ɪmˈbleɪzən/ verb (transitive) 1. to describe, portray, or colour (arms) according to the conventions of heraldry 2. to portray heraldic arms on (a shield, one’s notepaper, […]

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