Emergency rescue disk


See rescue disk

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  • Emergency-room

    noun 1. a hospital area equipped and staffed for the prompt treatment of acute illness, trauma, or other medical emergencies. Abbreviation: ER. emergency room n. The section of a health care facility intended to provide rapid treatment for victims of sudden illness or trauma.

  • Emergency services

    plural noun an organization that responds to and deals with emergencies, esp. ambulance, EMTs, firefighters, and police

  • Emergency theory

    emergency theory n. See fight-or-flight reaction.

  • Emergent

    [ih-mur-juh nt] /ɪˈmɜr dʒənt/ adjective 1. coming into view or notice; issuing. 2. ; rising from a liquid or other surrounding medium. 3. coming into existence, especially with political independence: the emergent nations of Africa. 4. arising casually or unexpectedly. 5. calling for immediate action; urgent. 6. Evolution. displaying . noun 7. Ecology. an aquatic […]

  • Emergent-evolution

    noun 1. the origin of entirely new properties at certain critical stages or levels in the course of evolution, as multicellular organisms, sexual reproduction, or nervous systems. noun 1. (philosophy) the doctrine that, in the course of evolution, some entirely new properties, such as life and consciousness, appear at certain critical points, usually because of […]

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