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[uh-mey-uh s] /əˈmeɪ əs/

a city in E Pennsylvania.

Biblical town (Luke xxiv:13), from Aramaic hammat “hot spring.”

hot baths, a village “three-score furlongs” from jerusalem, where our Lord had an interview with two of his disciples on the day of his resurrection (Luke 24:13). This has been identified with the modern el-Kubeibeh, lying over 7 miles north-west of Jerusalem. This name, el-Kubeibeh, meaning “little dome,” is derived from the remains of the Crusaders’ church yet to be found there. Others have identified it with the modern Khurbet Khamasa i.e., “the ruins of Khamasa”, about 8 miles south-west of Jerusalem, where there are ruins also of a Crusaders’ church. Its site, however has been much disputed.


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