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Empiric risk

empiric risk n.
Risk that is based only on empirical evidence, not on formal theory or conjecture.


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  • Empirics

    [em-pir-ik] /ɛmˈpɪr ɪk/ noun 1. a person who follows an method. 2. a quack; charlatan. adjective 3. . /ɛmˈpɪrɪk/ noun 1. a person who relies on empirical methods 2. a medical quack; charlatan adjective 3. a variant of empirical adj. c.1600, from Latin empiricus “a physician guided by experience,” from Greek empeirikos “experienced,” from empeiria […]

  • Empirism

    [em-puh-riz-uh m] /ˈɛm pəˌrɪz əm/ noun, Philosophy. 1. (def 2).

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    [em-pleys] /ɛmˈpleɪs/ verb (used with object), emplaced, emplacing. 1. to put in place or position: A statue was emplaced in the square. /ɪmˈpleɪs/ verb 1. (transitive) to put in place or position v. 1865, back-formation from emplacement.

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    [em-pleys-muh nt] /ɛmˈpleɪs mənt/ noun 1. Fortification. the space, platform, or the like, for a gun or battery and its accessories. 2. a putting in place or position; location: the emplacement of a wall. 3. Geology. /ɪmˈpleɪsmənt/ noun 1. a prepared position for the siting of a gun or other weapon 2. the act of […]

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