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empyesis em·py·e·sis (ěm’pī-ē’sĭs)
n. pl. em·py·e·ses (-sēz)
A pustular eruption.


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  • Empyreal

    [em-pir-ee-uh l, -pahy-ree-, em-puh-ree-uh l, -pahy-] /ɛmˈpɪr i əl, -ˈpaɪ ri-, ˌɛm pəˈri əl, -paɪ-/ adjective 1. pertaining to the highest heaven in the cosmology of the ancients. 2. pertaining to the sky; celestial: empyreal blue. 3. formed of pure fire or light: empyreal radiance. adj. late 15c.; see empyrean.

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    [em-puh-ree-uh n, -pahy-, em-pir-ee-uh n, -pahy-ree-] /ˌɛm pəˈri ən, -paɪ-, ɛmˈpɪr i ən, -ˈpaɪ ri-/ noun 1. the highest heaven, supposed by the ancients to contain the pure element of fire. 2. the visible heavens; the firmament. adjective 3. . /ˌɛmpaɪˈriːən/ noun 1. (archaic) the highest part of the (supposedly spherical) heavens, thought in ancient […]

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    /ˌɛmpɪˈruːmə/ noun (pl) -mata (-mətə) 1. the smell and taste associated with burning vegetable and animal matter

  • Empyromancy

    noun divination by fire, smoke Word Origin from empyrosis ‘general fire’

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