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Enclosed order

a Christian religious order that does not permit its members to go into the outside world


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    [en-klohz] /ɛnˈkloʊz/ verb (used with object), enclosed, enclosing. 1. to shut or hem in; close in on all sides: a valley enclosed by tall mountains. 2. to surround, as with a fence or wall: to enclose land. 3. to insert in the same envelope, package, or the like: He enclosed a check. A book was […]

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    noun, English History. 1. any of the acts of Parliament passed from 1709 to 1869, requiring that private lands be fenced off from common lands.

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    [en-klohth ] /ɛnˈkloʊð/ verb (used with object), enclothed, enclothing. 1. (def 3).

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